Jesse Ventura…May Be Back In Politics Soon!

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Current Events

Almost everybody in Minnesota loved him, not only for his loyalty to the state of Minnesota while he lived there as a wrestler, but also for his forthrightness and pull-no-punches attitude while serving as the states first celebrity Governor. And Jesse Ventura it seems, is about to do it again. In the past year or two Ventura has been active in his TRU TV cable television series “The Conspiracy Theory” in which he and his team of investigators are on a mission to examine some of the most frightening and mysterious conspiracy allegations of our time. They review evidence and meet with experts and eyewitnesses to learn more about such topics as the JFK assassination, Area 51 and a possible plot to kidnap our nation’s water supply. “This is my personal journey,” Ventura says, “to prove that there is more to these stories than you know about.”

But this week Ventura took a step in a very familiar direction…back toward the limelight of the political arena. But it should come as no suprise to Ventura fans who always knew he wasn’t one to back down from a challenge. So I came across a story on the news feed I watch and heres the latest  from The Associated Press:

Former pro wrestler and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura says he would consider getting back into politics if Texas Congressman Ron Paul would run for president as an independent.

Ventura told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America” that he would “give great consideration to being his running mate.” But Ventura says he wouldn’t run on Paul’s ticket as a Republican.

He said he would not align himself with Democrats or Republicans, as the established political parties are the problem and not the solution.

The former governor dedicated his latest book “63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read” to Paul, who he says is the only federal elected official to “stand up for America” on the congressional floor.

Another possible White House contender represents the Minnesota congressional district in which Ventura resides. Could Ventura support Michele Bachmann for president?

His answer: Not with his vote.

  1. Michael P. says:

    Good article Mr. Overton. Being a Minnesotan myself I always enjoy hearing about Jesse Ventura. He’s somewhat of a local hero here in Minnesota and we always like to hear the latest. Good luck on your future posts!!!

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