A True American Speaks His Mind

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Current Events

I’ve been reading a lot of news stories lately on the web, but by far the most insightful and intelligent writing comes from a blog writer out of Columbus, Ohio that I’ll just call Jeff P. Jeff writes from the perspective of a social worker and counselor to those needing change in thier lives and takes his readers on a journey through politics, human interest stories and matters of national policy. But his primary focus is as a political writer. Concentrating on local political people, parties and trends, he also covers state and national politics from a native Ohioans perspective. Jeff is not one to mince words as he dissects, shreds and exposes right-wing conservative party members who have either gone astray or are destroying what most Americans consider the future of our country. He is dismayed by what he refers to as the “trickle down” conservatives, and is not without answers to our countries most pressing issues.

Jeff is truly a great American with a semi-optimistic view of the direction that our country is going. He has long-held the view that we must build our great nation from the bottom up, not the “trickle down”. He graduated from the Ohio State University, Summa-Cum-Laude and is currently active in writing his political blog at:  www.madrigalmaniac.com which he has been active writing for the past 6 years. He’s been listed on the Huffington Post, New York Times and many other news journals and blogs around the country.

We need more Americans like Jeff, and even though I don’t always agree with his political ideology, because I am a ‘righty’, he speaks his mind even when its not the popular thing to do. So my hats off to you Jeff P. Keep doing what you do best…expose the idiots that make democracy look bad…and don’t look back! HoooAhh.


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